Dress Code

Students may not wear: 

1. Shorts (including biker shorts), skirts, and/or skorts that come above four (4) inches from the middle of the knee and/or torn or cut clothing revealing skin more than four (4) inches above the middle of the knee    

2. Leggings/Sliders/Jeggings/Yoga pants/Biker shorts can be worn only if clothing worn over them meets the longest fingertip when arms are extended.  These items cannot be worn as pants only. 

3. Head coverings such as hoods, bandanas, caps, toboggans, or “do‐rags”‐ Hats or caps may be worn for special events upon approval of the principal.   

4. Items of clothing, apparel or jewelry displaying or suggesting (innuendo) any logos or prints that discriminate against any group, promotes violation of school rules, depicts the use of drugs, tobacco, or alcohol, encourages violence, gang/cult affiliations, and the use of intimidation/violence with a weapon ‐ Clothing cannot contain inappropriate language or graphics or be sexually suggestive. 

5. Items of clothing that could be considered costume‐wear including but not limited to ears, tails, masks, capes, etc. 

6. Chains or spikes 

7. Tank tops or spaghetti straps ‐ Sleeveless shirts will be permitted so long as armholes are not revealing. 

8. Shirts, dresses, or blouses that excessively expose the shoulders, backs, chests, and/or midriffs ‐ Clothing must be sized appropriately. No skin should be visible between shirts and pants/skirts while sitting or extending arms overhead. 

9. Sagging or low‐riding pants 

10. Sunglasses inside the school building 

11. Clothing made of open weave, mesh, or other see‐through material, or clothing with revealing openings 

12. Pajamas/loungewear   

13. House shoes or bare feet ‐ Safety mandates appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.    

14. Visible tattoos that display drugs, sex, alcohol, tobacco products, or gang affiliation   

15. Visible undergarments 

16. Topcoats, trench coats, or bulky coats ‐ No more than one light‐weight outer garment with pockets may be worn in the classroom